Snai S.p.A.: made the payment of euro 43.800.821

Porcari (LU), November 4th, 2013 – Following the acceptance by the Corte dei Conti of the request, filed by SNAI S.p.A. (“SNAI” or the “Company”) on October 15th, 2013, to facilitate the settlement (definizione agevolata) of the appeal against the sentence n. 214/2012 concerning alleged deficiencies in the management of the new slot’s network, the Company subsequently filed today, pursuant to art. 14, paragraph 2-ter, of the Law Decree n. 102/2013 (converted into law on October 28th, 2013), a request for
reconsideration of the amount to be paid by the Company pursuant to the abovementioned article of the said decree.

In particular, the Company, pursuant to art. 14, paragraph 2-bis, of the Law Decree n. 102/2013, filed a request with the Corte dei Conti to re-determine the amount to be paid by the Company, in order to facilitate the settlement of the aforementioned litigation, in the extent of 20% (compared to the 30% originally set by the Court) of the monetary penalty, equal to Euro [210 million], to which the Company was convicted in the first-instance judgment. At the time of the filing of the abovementioned request, the
Company has contextually paid to the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the sum of Euro 43.800.821,92 (including interest) .

The aforesaid payment, in case of final acceptance, by the Corte dei Conti (which decision is due within November 9th, 2013), of the request for reconsideration, will result in the final settlement of the dispute with the Corte dei Conti.

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04 Nov 2013 - 11:40