Board of Statutory Auditors

Appointed by the Shareholders’ Meeting, this body plays a fundamental role within the Company's auditing and control system.

It is composed of three statutory and two alternate members, and retains the task of monitoring Company activities, particularly with regard to compliance with the Articles of Association and legal norms.

Composition and appointment

Appointed by the Shareholders’ Meeting on the basis of lists, the candidates – which must possess the prerequisites of integrity, professionalism and competence – hold office for three years and complete their mandate on the date of the Shareholders’ Meeting that was called for approval of the financial statements relative to their third year of office.

They are appointed by Snaitech Shareholders' Meeting held on March 17, 2023.

Name and surnameOffice
Mariateresa Salerno Chairman
Massimo Gallina Statutory auditor
Simone Berton Alternate auditor
Edoardo Fanucci Alternate auditor *
Viviana Arena Alternate auditor *

*from the 6th of october 2023

Term in office: until approval of the financial statements as at December 31, 2025.