Initiatives and projects

Special Olympics Italia

Snaitech, through its Foundation, shares with Special Olympics Italia two overarching aims within a program of social responsibility: increasingly raising the public’s awareness on the matter of intellectual disability through solid promotional campaigns throughout Italy and sharing the same values (integration, participation and enthusiasm) as its corporate mission.

In this regard, sports have on numerous occasions have proven to offer great opportunities for growth, accomplishing one’s goals and aggregation, not to mention pure fun and entertainment. With Special Olympics Italia, Snaitech intends to launch this new great challenge: to draw its own audience closer to the matter of intellectual disability using all of the communication tools at its disposal. The opportunity to feel a sense of belonging to a group that shares common values is a concept which has been completely espoused by Snaitech. And it dedicates its utmost passion and commitment to this mission.

The first step in this journey together was taken in February 2017, when Snaitech opened its fund-raising campaign for Italian athletes in tandem with the National Winter Games of Bormio (5-10 February 2017) and launched, using its own communication means, the “#IoAdottoUnCampione”. In 2018, during the XXXIV National Summer Games, Snaitech has hosted the Opening Ceremony at the Snai Sesana Racetrack of Montecatini Terme and thanks to the corporate volunteering program “My Special Days”, over 130 employees offered a concrete support to the manifestation, thus experiencing the true meaning of the term “inclusion”. In 2019, the partnership with the Special Olympics crossed national borders during the Abu Dhabi Summer World Games, during which Snaitech supported two athletes, Sara and Marco, thanks to the "#ioAdottoUnCampione" awareness campaign. In the same year, Snaitech Foundation also supported the YAP (Young Athletes Program) project, dedicated to children from 2 to 7 years with intellectual disabilities. In 2020, the collaboration with Special Olympics Italia continues with the Sappada XXXI National Winter Games and the Smart Games, the first remote sporting event organised during the Covid-19 health emergency, also supported in 2021 at the second edition. In 2022 Snaitech is next to Special Olympics Italy on the occasion of the XXXVII Edition of the National Summer Games scheduled from June 4 to 9, 2022 in Turin. 3000 expected athletes, 1500 volunteers, 20 different sports disciplines: these are the numbers of the most important event organized by the Italian movement, in which Snaitech participates with its team of volunteers. In 2023, Snaitech supported Special Olympics Italy at Play The Games, the program of sports events scheduled in several Italian regions that involved as many as 5,879 Athletes in 19 sports disciplines. It also supported the non-profit organization at the World Summer Games in Berlin, sustaining the "Adopt a Champion" fundraising campaign and participating with a team of volunteers alongside Athletes during competitions. 

In 2024 Snaitech, through its Foundation, is supporting the non-profit organisation during the 35th Special Olympics Italy Winter National Games, organised in Sestriere from 4 to 8 March. Also on this occasion, Snaitech colleagues supported the Athletes in the role of volunteers.

Francesca Rava Foundation – N.P.H. Italia Onlus

Francesca Rava Foundation is a nonprofit, established in 2000, with the mission of helping children in distress in Italy and around the world and represents in Italy N.P.H. - Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (Our Little Brothers) an international humanitarian organization that has been rescuing orphaned and abandoned children for 60 years. The partnership with Snaitech's Foundation aims to support family homes in Milan, Rome and Florence. In detail, the project involves supporting recreational and educational activities for children removed from their families and housed in foster homes, as well as family units in need. In 2020, during the health emergency, the project focused on the SOS-SPESA outreach initiative, donating basic necessities, protective gear and home schooling devices to the three foster homes. In 2021 Snaitech supported the "Flower Islands" project, a garden therapy workshop dedicated to the children of the three family homes, with a calendar of events dedicated to biodiversity and respect for the environment. In addition, also as part of the project dedicated to the family homes, the SOS School initiative was supported, which guaranteed training and rehabilitation paths. The journey together continues in 2022 with the "Children in Goal" project, which included three initiatives - linked to three specific SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals) focused on environmental protection, education and gender equality - designed for the three family homes supported by the Francesca Rava Foundation and Snaitech Foundation.

Also in 2023, the collaboration between the non-profit organization and Snaitech continued with the implementation of numerous initiatives dedicated to the three family homes. In addition, Francesca Rava Foundation is in charge of organizing events for children in the children's area of the Snai San Siro Racecourse, occasions in which the children taken in at the family home in Milan are also invited to participate.

Plastic Free

The catastrophic effects produced by plastic pollution on the environment are increasingly worrying: every year 570,000 million tons of plastic end up in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the equivalent of 33,800 plastic bottles thrown into the sea every minute. Faced with this situation, Snaitech, through its Foundation, its body dedicated to good causes, has decided in 2022 to support the cause of Plastic Free, the most important voluntary association active in the fight against plastic pollution and the protection of our ecosystem. In addition, on the occasion of Snaitech Sustainability Week, Snaitech employees were involved in a corporate volunteer activity through which they cleaned up plastic and garbage from some places in the cities of Rome, Lucca and Milan. Furthermore, Snaitech also supports the School Project, thanks to which Plastic Free will carry out four awareness-raising events in as many schools located in Lazio, Tuscany and Lombardy. At the same schools, water purification systems will be installed with the aim of reducing the consumption of single-use plastic, allowing each student to fill their own water bottle free of charge. In 2023, on the occasion of World Environment Day on June 5, Snaitech volunteers returned to action with Plastic Free by carrying out a new volunteer activity in the cities of Milan, Lucca and Rome.

Rete Clima

Rete Clima è un Ente non profit che supporta le Aziende lungo percorsi ESG, promuovendo azioni di sostenibilità, CSR e di decarbonizzazione. La concentrazione di CO2 nell’atmosfera ha attualmente superato la soglia dei 400 ppm (parti per milione), con un ritmo di crescita di 2,5 ppm annue: siamo pericolosamente prossimi al limite di concentrazione atmosferica di CO2 per poter limitare l'incremento di temperatura sotto i 2 °C (e quindi sperare in effetti non disastrosi dei cambiamenti climatici). Grazie alla partnership con Rete Clima è stato avviato un progetto di forestazione ambientale che ha coinvolto i volontari Snaitech nella piantagione di 3.000 nuovi alberi in Lombardia, Toscana e Lazio.



Costruiamo il Futuro Foundation 

In 2023, for the sixth consecutive year, through its Foundation, Snaitech supports the Costruiamo il Futuro Award, a charity project of the Costruiamo il Futuro Foundation, which, since 2001, has been promoting research activities, meetings, exhibitions and training, favouring the participation of young people with the intervention of business, artisanal and cultural community leaders. In particular, the Award concretely supports the commitment and projects of the sports associations of Milan and its province, which dedicate their work in particular to children and young people, generating positive environments capable of educating through sport.

Share 4 Good

In 2023 Snaitech presents the third edition of Share 4 Good, the innovative format through which all Group employees are protagonists in the Corporate Social Responsibility journey by nominating charitable projects. Following an internal selection and voting process, the projects with the highest score received a donation from the Snaitech Foudation, the Group's entity dedicated to good causes.