The G-4 initiative

Snaitech has been part for years in the responsible gaming program defined by G4, the Global Gambling Guidance Group, which proposes to improve social responsibility in gambling and to minimize possible related damages, through a worldwide accreditation program. The company wishes to highlight the playful dimension of online gaming and to foster the responsible enjoyment of the same. To this end, within the context of the G4 Certification, it adopts specific policies to provide procedures for offerin guidance and assistance to players, holders of a SNAI gaming account, and to support them in making conscious and informed decisions. 

G4 is the brainchild of a group of international experts in the sector who boast extensive experience and collaboration with the gaming industry at the worldwide level, aimed at promoting responsible gaming and reducing damages caused by problematic gambling, thanks to dedicated projects and the realization of training programs for personnel who work in gaming areas and/or have contact with problematic gamblers. These experts have developed an accreditation program which has become an international point of reference for responsible gambling.The accreditation program provides a model for the gambling industry and the possibility for enterprises to demonstrate that they take the concerns of local communities and individual customers seriously.

Snaitech takes part in this program in order to provide adequate security standards, to provide support against problematic gambling and to ensure that its customers may enjoy serene and informed gaming entertainment.

The accreditation with G4 takes place on an annual basis, following on-site audits by the Entity’s Board, on the basis of a specific audit checklist on policies adopted, the company’s commitment, and mechanisms and tools in place for assistance and self-exclusion from potential activities that may lead to gambling addiction.

This year Snaitech renewed international certification on responsible online gaming. This important recognition rewards the approach followed by the Group which is increasingly committed to keeping gaming within the limits of sound and conscious entertainment.

In pursuing its mission, Snaitech will now have G4’s support, through a series of measures and strategies, including a 24-hour consultancy service, an intervention service for customers, the development of best practices for problematic gambling and assistance for the management of critical cases. Gaming with Snaitech will continue to be a pleasant experience enjoyed within an environment that is legal and regulated and monitored on a continuous basis.