Supervisory Body

The purpose of the Supervisory Board is to monitor the Company in relation to the efficacy and compliance with the Organisational, Management and Control Model.

The Supervisory Body is appointed by the Board of Directors and has a year mandate.

Laura Elena CinquiniExternal Member

Name and surnameOffice
Marco Dell'Antonia Chairman
Tiziana Panelli Member
Laura Elena Cinquini External Member

The selection of members is conducted with the aim of guaranteeing that the Body functions effectively and therefore complies with its fundamental elements:

  • autonomy and independence;
  • professionalism;
  • continual operations;
  • integrity.

Functions and powers

The tasks assigned to the Supervisory Board include the following:

  • verification of effective compliance with the adopted Organisational and Control Model within the Company, on the part of all recipients of the model;
  • verification of the efficacy and adequacy of the provisions of the Model and its suitability in preventing the crimes identified by the Decree n.231/2001
  • adoption of any measures that are necessary for the Board of Directors to constantly update the Organisational and Control Model in order for the latter to be consistent with any organisational changes as well as any regulatory amendments and changes in Company structure;
  • verification that the updating proposals of the Board of Directors have been effectively incorporated within the Model.