Points of sale

The sales network in Italy 

Snaitech operates throughout Italy through two networks, one physical one and one online one.





The physical network: Snaitech Shops and Corners

The betting acceptance network of the Snaitech Shops is comprised of 2,047 gaming points, of which approximately 1,608 feature a direct gaming concession held by the Company, with the remaining ones supplying specialized services to Concession Holder clients.

Snaitech Shops

The Snaitech Shops are stores specialized exclusively in accepting bets on horse races and sports, equipped with state-of-the-art technologies for the dissemination of news and information real time in order to meet the bettors’ diverse range of requirements.

In addition to traditional gaming, through bets dedicated to specialized operators,self-service terminals such as “My.Self” are becoming increasingly widespread at Snaitech Shops.

Snaitech Corners

Snaitech Corners are installed in public establishments (cafes, tabacco shops, shopping malls, etc.) and use furnishings and technological solutions specifically tailored to every single context, in order to optimize their integration into each point of sale. The corners also use real time information and acceptance systems.

The online network: the portal snai.it

The development of online games is a fundamental component of Snaitech’s strategy.

Through growth in its product range, Snaitech strives to attract new players and expand the broad appeal of its games for existing customers.

The online network is based upon the website www.snai.it and on dedicated customer software programs.

Through the digital network, it is possible to place bets on horse racing and sports, poker, casino and skill games, online slot and bingo.

The offer of online gaming products is supplemented with a series of “apps” realized for iOs and Android devices.


Data updated to the 31.12.2023