Responsible gambling

The objective of Snaitech is to ensure a legal, responsible and monitored gambling environment for betters and gamblers

Snaitech has always been committed to ensuring that customers have access to a legal and safe environment for gaming within their points of sale (whether they be agencies or corners or gaming corners for Entertainment Devices) and online on its website Special notices concerning the risks related to excessive or compulsive gambling are posted in all Snaitech agencies and corners, on its website and mobile site, on its gaming receipts, and in all promotions communications issued through all types of media.

  • The point of sale: information and training
    • Snaitech distributes to all of its points of sale the informational kit called «Responsible Gambling» realized in compliance with the guidelines provided by ADM and the so-called Balduzzi Decree, which is comprised of signs, labels, stickers, brochures and folders. The communication materials, which are also available in digital format, are displayed in all areas of the point of sale, with particular efforts to ensure that they are placed in the vicinity of entertainment devices. The Snaitech sales force verifies on an ongoing basis during each visit the presence and the correct display of the informational material and, on a periodic basis, circulars are sent by the central headquarters to urge points of sale to ensure that the materials are displayed correctly. Snaitech includes the informational messages on Responsible Gambling and on the prohibition on gambling by minors on all of its promotional communications in order to maximize their dissemination in all of its campaigns. In addition, over the course of 2015, Snaitech planned campaigns for awareness-raising on responsible gaming through video and audio advertisements which were broadcasted within points of sale and on important television and radio channels and through online media channels.
    • Snaitech has continued to update and raise awareness with its sales network comprised of its own area managers and all persons serving as contacts with the points of sale on Responsible Gambling and the prohibition on gambling by minors. All such persons have received training in order to handle verifications on the presence and proper positioning at the Points of Sale of the «Communication Kit on Responsible Gambling» and to report any anomalies and/or gaps. Moreover, the Snaitech Group has put in place training programs dedicated to the prevention and management of pathological gambling, directed first and foremost at the persons in charge of all points of sale with Snaitech concessions, and the sales network comprised of the area managers.

The website Snaitech’s commitment aimed at raising awareness on Responsible and Legal Gambling is also demonstrated through electronic channels.
The following are present on the website and on the home page of gaming apps:

  • ADM guarantee logos and warning wording;
  • links to the section dedicated to Responsible Gambling;
  • links to the section displaying the probabilities of winning;
  • links to the section setting forth the anti-money-laundering legal framework.

In addition,on online accounts, it is always possible for players to set their own gambling limits and self-exclusion limits.Posts and contributions by the internal editorial staff, aimed at raising awareness on Responsible Gambling, risks of gambling addiction and the prohibition on gambling by minors, are periodically launched on Snaitech's accounts with the main social networks.