Group Structure

Snai Rete Italia Srl owned by a Sole Quataholder

Snai Rete Italia runs gaming and betting activities on sporting events at a certain number of gaming points located in Lazio, Emilia Romagna, Sicily and Lombardy.

Epiqa S.r.l. – single member LLC

This company manages the TV broadcasts for the betting points as well as the channels Unire Verde, Unire Grigio, Unire Blu, Snai TV (only visible within betting agencies) and the Snai Sat channel on Sky.

Alfea Società Pisane per le corse dei cavalli S.r.l.

This company manages the gallop racing track and the training center of Pisa.

Hippogroup Roma Capannelle S.p.A.

This company manages the gallop racing track of Rome.

IZiLove Foundation

An autonomous non-profit entity established in 2013 at the initiative of Cogetech S.p.A.; it pursues solely social solidarity objectives in the fields of social assistance and charity, education and training, promotion of culture and art and scientific research.

SNAITECH Smart Technologies S.r.l.

SNAITECH Smart Technologies S.r.l. was incorporated in 2017 and the first fiscal year ended on December 31, 2018. The company deals with the study, design, implementation, construction, production, assembly, marketing, procurement, assistance and maintenance of equipment, products, electronic and IT technologies, software and hardware.


SNAITECH Iberia S.A. its corporate purpose is that of organization, marketing and management of gaming products.


Sports betting operator active in Austria and Germany on retail and digital channels. Founded in 2017, it was acquired by Snaitech in 2022.