Horse Race Betting

The product which made history

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Offers for harness, gallop and steeple-chase races which are planned in Italian and foreign horse racing tracks.
Betting on horse races is the historical product of Snai and has always been part of the Company’s “DNA”; the Company is, in fact, a traditional partner in some of the most important horse racing events in Italy.

Fixed odds horse racing bets

This type of bet is a favorite chosen by the most expert players: with wagers accepted on the winning or placed horse, the winnings are calculated on the basis of the odds offered at the time of the bet.
It is possible to play at the points of sale or with the authorized bookmakers at the racetracks.

Horse racing bets using a totalizer

This is the type of horse race bet that is placed most often in Italy: accepted on Italian and foreign races, it is entered in real time onto the national totalizer, which proceeds to calculate the odds, which are the same for all bettors, and which vary on a continuous basis until the start of the races, depending upon the extent to which the horses are wagered on at the national level. These bets may be placed at agencies and at SNAI Corners. 

Betting on national horse races

Linked to horse races held every day at Italian and foreign racetracks, these bets are placed through totalizers on the Winning Horse (the first place horse), on the Couple (first two placed horses), on the Tris, Quarté and Quinté (respectively, the first three, four and five placed horses). They may be placed at the SNAI Point and Corners.

Multiple horse racing betting

This type of bet is popular with the most expert and skillful bettors, who aim to achieve significant winnings.

A minimum of three races are bet on, seeking to identify only winning horses, only placed horses, or winning or placed horses in each of the races selected by the bettor. 

These bets may be placed solely at SNAI points of sale.


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