Innovative solutions

Innovation is one of the main drivers that guides Snaitech

Constant research and use of the most advanced technologies are the basis of Snaitech’s gaming offer, factors that ensure the improvement of security and information systems. A winning innovation process that is the result of a shared system of organisation, roles, responsibilities, processes and coordination tools, created also thanks to the comparison with the best professionals in the industry.

For Snaitech, collaboration wins, the result of coming together and exchange through which the most solid ideas and projects are developed. That is why, in addition to being part of the Playtech Group, the largest provider of online gaming software in the world – present in 24 countries with nearly 6,400 employees – the Group has ongoing partnerships with specialised and internationally known companies to increase our know-how and expertise.

The omnichannel offer completes the consumer’s gaming experience by enabling a seamless integration between online and physical channels. Snaitech promotes a culture of conscious gaming, the rule of consumption without excess. “Zero XS”, is a content platform to spread fair play, healthy cheer and responsible entertainment. In this path, we have the best technologies to support us. Machine learning, data mining and predictive analysis are the processes of Playtech’s BetBuddy platform: a tool to predict problematic behaviour with identification and proactive engagement of players at risk.