Snai S.p.A.: final settlement of the dispute with the corte dei conti concerning the management of the new slot’s network

Porcari (Lu), 15th of November 2013 – following the confirmation by the Corte dei Conti of the amount to be paid by SNAI S.p.A. to facilitate the settlement (definizione agevolata) of the appeal against the sentence n. 214/2012 concerning alleged deficiencies in the management of the new slot’s network, established in the extend of the 30% of the monetary penalty to which the Company was convicted in the first-instance judgment, today SNAI S.p.A., in addition to the lump sum of Euro 43.800.821,92 already paid
by SNAI S.p.A. on the 4th of November 2013, has paid the additional sum of Euro 21.947.876,71. As a consequence of the aforesaid payment, though SNAI S.p.A. still believe not to have incurred in the mismanagement of the new slot’s network and notwithstanding the additional payment that the company had to afford and that will increase the financial indebtedness of SNAI S.p.A. in the short period, the dispute that involved SNAI S.p.A. in the last years has been finally settled which will allow SNAI S.p.A. to eventually define its business strategies without the uncertainty arising out from the aforementioned dispute.

For further information please refer to the press release published on the 4th of November 2013, available on the web site, section “Investor Relation”.

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15 Nov 2013 - 10:27