Giorgio Sandi is Snai’s new Ceo

Porcari (Lucca), 13 March 2013 – SNAI S.p.A.’s Board of Directors, at a meeting held today, approved the proposal for the consensual termination of the collaboration relationship with Stefano Bortoli, with effect as of the end of the next shareholders’ meeting called to approve the financial statement for year 2012, on which date the CEO Stefano Bortoli, to whom the Company expresses its gratitude, will resign from his role in accordance with article 2385 of the Italian Civil Code.

At the same meeting, the powers necessary for purposes of managing the Company have been granted to its Chairman Giorgio Sandi, who has extensive experience in the gaming sector.

The agreement for the consensual termination of the employment relationship with Stefano Bortoli was approved by the related party transactions committee, since it involves a transaction of minor importance. The agreement complies with the contents of the remuneration report dated 20 March 2012 and provides for the payment of the amount provided under the applicable employment contract currently in force.

As the result of Stefano Bortoli’s resignation from office, as of the date of the shareholders’ meeting called to approve the financial statement for 2012, all of the members of the board of directors will automatically vacate their offices pursuant to article 14 of the Company’s By-laws, since three of the directors appointed by the Shareholders’ Meeting have submitted their resignations.

Consequently, the Board of Directors has also resolved to submit as an item on agenda for the Shareholders’ Meeting called to approve the financial statement for 2012 the appointment of the members of the Board of Directors

The Company’s majority shareholder, Global Games S.p.A., has informed the Board of Directors that it intends to propose Giorgio Sandi (after receiving confirmation of his willingness to take on the role) as Chairman and CEO of the Company, and in such capacity will be placed in charge of managing the Company going forward.

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13 Mar 2013 - 09:36